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On Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service

‘You’re good at languages. That means you go into the Diplomatic’, pronounced the father of the teenage Michael Burton.

And so began a diplomatic career, ranging from Khartoum to the Khyber Pass, that encompassed a wide variety of experiences: resolving tribal uprisings among Gulf Arabs, helping from Paris to achieve Britain’s entry into Europe, smoothing the path to a united Germany in Berlin after the fall of The Wall, and serving as British Ambassador in a post from which he had been banned by the Foreign Office twenty-eight years earlier.

Sir Michael Burton’s fascinating memoir describes interactions with four British prime ministers, an American president, an Arab king and a master Soviet spy – not to mention facilitating royal visits to several of his postings, which displayed Britain’s ‘soft power’ in action.

In the process, Burton vividly illustrates British diplomacy at work, and reveals an aspect of Britain’s governance that rarely sees the light of day.

Michael Burton was educated at Bedford School and Magdalen College, Oxford, and began his diplomatic life in 1960, when he was then sent to the Foreign Office’s so-called ‘Spy School’ in Shemlan, Lebanon, to learn Arabic. Thereafter Sir Michael’s career spanned a number of important postings in the Middle East and in Europe. He served in Germany as the Minister and Head of the British Mission in Berlin during the crucial period covering both the collapse of The Wall and of the German Democratic Republic. He was then appointed British Ambassador to Prague.


Burton’s book has received multiple plaudits from distinguished commentators:

“A sparkling book by one of the UK’s most versatile and experienced diplomats. This rich account by someone who had a ring-side seat at some of the most significant and exciting events in post-war period is a joy to read.”
Peter Frankopan
Professor of Global History at Oxford University and author of ‘The Silk Roads’
“Michael Burton’s … warm and evocative memoir sparkles with incident and colour, and brings to life moments of history that have helped shape our modern world. Highly recommended.”

Former UK National Security Advisor, UK Ambassador to France and Head of HM Diplomatic Service
“Michael Burton has been in all the places that mattered at the right times. His riveting, very personal account of these game-changing events and people make this a compelling read.”

Historian, journalist and BBC Newsnight
“Sir Michael Burton … was in the front line of some of the major crises and events of the day including the Six Day War in 1967, Britain’s negotiations to enter the European Community in 1972, and the fall of the Berlin Wall and its consequences. Burton combines analysis of policy and the major players with anecdotal detail and insight … His book is a must read for anyone interested in foreign policy.”
Former Press Secretary to The Queen, and former diplomat
“An insightful and thoroughly compelling read for anyone who wants to understand how the modern world was shaped. Highly recommended.”

ITV and ITV News broadcaster

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